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Is it possible to know whether God really exists? Is there a way we can know for sure? Few questions could be more important! Many people have uncritically accepted what they’re told by mass media and educational systems and have been brainwashed into believing there is no God. But what does the evidence say? We need only look at discoveries from many fields of science and accept what the facts clearly reveal. In this issue we examine some of the clear evidence from science. You need to understand what it shows us!

  • Seven Scientific Proofs of God
  • Creation According to Plan
  • The Return of the God Hypothesis
  • Why Are So Many Abandoning Christianity?
  • Afghanistan: Milestone on a Road to Decline
  • The United States and China: Destined for War?
  • Christmas: Is It Really “Glory to the Newborn King”?
  • Meeting Others in Our Path
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