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As we approach the time of year when Christians are reminded of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, His death and His resurrection to ascend to His Father in heaven, how much do you know about what lies behind these events? Who exactly was Jesus Christ and what was His mission and purpose? Why did He go through these things? And what will He do in the future? You need a clear biblical understanding of these important questions, and you’ll find answers in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today

  • When God Became Man So Man Could Become God
  • Christ the King
  • Good Friday–Easter Sunday: It Just Doesn’t Add Up
  • How Much Do You Know About the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
  • What’s Holding America Together?
  • Are You Being Manipulated?
  • Jesus’ Sacrifice and the Need for New Government
  • Knock, Knock! Will You Answer?
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