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Each issue of Beyond Today magazine is packed with articles about world trends and events, family and social issues, prophecy in the news and Beyond Today's eye-opening, in-depth perspective of the Bible.

Beyond Today Magazine

Why is marriage important? For centuries, marriage has been the bedrock of families and civilization. Now we are seeing marriage under attack from all sides. What’s behind the attack on marriage? And what can you do to strengthen your marriage and make it last? Be sure to read this issue to understand the answers!

  • How to Make Your Marriage Last
  • What Is God’s Family Model?
  • Sex, Sin and the Pursuit of Purity
  • The War on Marriage and Family
  • The Decline of the American Male
  • Was Jesus Born on Christmas Day?
  • “Inasmuch!”

Beyond Today Magazine

World War I, which ended a century ago, was so brutally horrifying that it was soon called “The War to End All Wars.” Yet it was anything but. It was followed a generation later by World War II, and countless wars since then. What is the root cause of war? Can mankind ever find peace? Be sure to read this issue to understand the answers!

  • The War to End All Wars: Why Can’t We Find Peace?
  • Will We Ever Achieve Peace?
  • Spanish Flu: The Pandemic That Changed the World
  • Jesus Christ’s 1,000-Year Reign on Earth
  • Shocking Teachings of Jesus: The Kingdom of God
  • No Man Left Behind
  • Grandparents Who Are Grand
  • More Than Sparrows

Beyond Today Magazine

Popular culture presents science and the Bible as being polar opposites. But are they really? The problem is that many misinterpret what the Bible really says, and a lot of what passes for science really isn’t scientific or factual at all. Do you understand the difference? And does it really matter? Be sure to read this issue to understand the answers!

  • The Universe: A Cradle for Life
  • Sound Science and the Bible: Do They Conflict?
  • The Race for Immortality
  • Honeybees: Tiny Testimony
  • Has Evidence of the Prophet Isaiah Been Found?
  • What’s Behind the War on God?
  • Lepers All Were We
  • God, Science and the Bible

Beyond Today Magazine

As modern Israel turns 70, we look back at what led up to the amazing reestablishment of a Jewish state in the Holy Land after centuries of exile, and the struggle the tiny nation has endured since. But Bible prophecy shows the bigger story lies ahead with promises and yearning yet unfulfilled.

  • Israel at 70: The Amazing Story
  • God’s Enduring Love for Israel
  • Israel’s Amazing
  • Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
  • Another Temple Mount Battle
  • Who Are the Palestinians?

Beyond Today Magazine

We are living in a world of massive change. As American power and influence rapidly recedes, previous major powers such as Russia, China, Germany, and even the Islamic and Ottoman Empires seek to regain their former might and glory. What’s behind the rise of these ancient empires? Does Bible prophecy give us understanding? What does it all mean? Be sure to read this issue carefully to better grasp where our world is heading and why!

  • Empires on the Rise: What Does It Mean?
  • Who’s Who in the Empires of the Bible?
  • America: The Diminishing Empire
  • Vladimir Putin: Rise of a Strongman
  • What Easter Doesn’t Tell You
  • From Glory to Glory, to Bring Glory to Man
  • How to Live in Babylon
  • Stuck With Christ on Golgatha

Good News Magazine

Can we believe the Bible? With so many criticizing it for so long, is it trustworthy? What does the evidence from history, science and archaeology reveal? It’s about time you heard the truth about what the evidence really teaches us—and it’s far different from what the critics say!

  • The Bible: Controversy at the U.S. Capital
  • Can We Believe the Bible?
  • What Is Hell?
  • God’s Challenge to Trinitarianism
  • A World in Need of Rescue
  • When Respect Is Gone
  • The Fear of God: Seven Attributes
  • Amen. Even So, Come, Lord Jesus.
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