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Each issue of Beyond Today magazine is packed with articles about world trends and events, family and social issues, prophecy in the news and Beyond Today's eye-opening, in-depth perspective of the Bible.

Beyond Today Magazine

In the 160 years that have passed since the publication of Charles Darwin�s book On the Evolution of Species, the theory of Darwinian evolution has dominated science and education. But new explorations in scientific study are exposing more and more flaws in the theory�and indeed showing it is an impossibility! In this issue of Beyond Today magazine, we cover some of the major problems with Darwinian evolution�problems you�ll seldom see discussed elsewhere.

  • The Problem With Evolution and the Return of God
  • Foresight or Blind Evolution?
  • Darwinism Unraveling?
  • Interview With Intelligent Design Proponent Jay Richards
  • A God-Centered Universe
  • Trade War: America and China Square Off
  • Is Christmas Really Christian?
  • Five Tips to Be More Positive

Beyond Today Magazine

Mankind has long dreamed of a peaceful planet�a utopian earth no longer plagued by war, unrest, poverty, disease and corrupt government. But in spite of our best efforts, man has never been able to create lasting peace. The problem is that our problems are spiritual and they need a spiritual solution. And God has a plan to bring that about! In this issue of Beyond Today magazine, we show how a paradise on earth will come about�a kind of heaven on earth!

  • When Heaven Comes to Earth
  • What Heaven on Earth Will Be Like
  • Paradise Found! A Feast for the Ages
  • How to Enter the Kingdom of God
  • Yearning for God�s Kingdom Helps Us Now
  • �As in the Days of Noah��Revisited
  • The Probing of the Master Prober

Beyond Today Magazine

Fifty years ago this month U.S. astronauts left the shining blue ball of earth and walked on the moon for the first time. Throughout the world people stopped and watched transfixed as human beings did something only dreamed about for centuries. Today the dream continues as we plan to send spaceships to Mars and perhaps even more distant planets. We earnestly and eagerly search for life elsewhere in the universe. What drives this quest to learn and explore? Do we really even understand that what we�re really searching for is our place in the universe, why we exist and our ultimate destiny? In this issue we explore these topics and many more! Download this issue in PDF. Individual articles will be posted in the upcoming days.

  • The Search for Life: Are We Alone?
  • Surprising Discoveries About Our Universe�s Origins
  • What Is Mankind�s Ultimate Inheritance?
  • �We Came in Peace for All Mankind�
  • Is Today�s Technology Foretold in Bible Prophecy?
  • �And They Worshiped Him�

Beyond Today Magazine

Few days have marked a turning point in human history. But one of those was �D-Day��June 6, 1944, when Allied troops broke through Adolf Hitler�s Atlantic coastal defenses to invade and liberate France, then the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany itself. The trajectory of Europe�s history was radically changed. Now, looking back 75 years later, what have we learned? Where is Europe heading today, and what does it mean for the rest of the world? In this issue we explore these topics and many more, including the transforming power of God�s Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.

  • D-Day + 75 Years: What Should We Learn?
  • D-Day and Divine Intervention
  • Europe�s Great Divide: Which Vision Will Prevail?
  • To Kill a People: Abortion and the Soul of America
  • Why Baptism?
  • The Holy Spirit: A Gift of God�s Grace
  • The Fruit of the Holy Spirit: What Are These All About?
  • The Overwhelming Force

Beyond Today Magazine

From a biblical standpoint, this is a very significant time of year. It reminds us of ancient Israel�s miraculous deliverance from Egyptian slavery, of the Passover commemoration, of the symbols Jesus Christ instituted as the ultimate Passover �Lamb of God� who gave His life for the sins of the whole world, and the fact that He is the �Firstborn from the dead� showing us how we, too, may receive eternal life in God�s family.

  • The Exodus Plagues: Judgment on Egypt�s Gods
  • �Christ, Our Passover�
  • Lessons of the Passover Bread
  • �The Firstborn From the Dead�: What Does It Mean?
  • Today�s Arms Race: How Will It End?
  • Christians Who Don�t Celebrate Easter: What Do They Know?
  • Framed Forever by a Tear

Beyond Today Magazine

The news headlines show the United States not to be united, but to be deeply divided over the nation�s past, present and future. A major reason for this is that, as the nation has drifted far from God, many have forgotten (or never knew) what the Bible says about many major cultural and societal issues. America stands at a crucial crossroads, and the stakes couldn�t be higher. You need to understand what the Bible says about the culture war transforming America and Western civilization!

  • What�s Behind the Growing Culture War?
  • The Illegal Immigration Crisis�No End in Sight
  • Why the Growing Popularity of Socialism?
  • The Battle Over What You Think
  • Thinking of Getting an Abortion? Don't Do It!
  • Get a Spiritual Grip
  • Ten Biblical Purposes for the Sabbath
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