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Each issue of Beyond Today magazine is packed with articles about world trends and events, family and social issues, prophecy in the news and Beyond Today's eye-opening, in-depth perspective of the Bible.

Beyond Today Magazine

What a year 2020 has been! It started out bad, and seems to have often grown only worse. This has been a year of a world in crisis. But why? Where is all this going? What lies ahead? What is the biblical understanding that will help us make sense of it all? You need the eye-opening information packed into this issue!

  • A World in Crisis: What Lies Ahead?
  • What Are the Prophets Telling Us Today?
  • An Unrecognizable America?
  • America at a Crossroads: Which Path Will It Take?
  • America�s Role in History Foretold
  • The Pilgrims� Mission of Destiny
  • What Will They Get This Christmas?
  • Why Will Jesus Christ Return?
  • �My Peace I Give to You�

Beyond Today Magazine

Why does it seem that we�re stuck with so many problems that defy solutions? The same problems that plague us today�violence, crime, corruption, hunger, disease, war and so many more�have been with us for thousands of years. Why can�t we find an answer? An answer does exist, and it�s found in the pages of your Bible. It�s wrapped up in the answer to the key question addressed in this issue: Why will Jesus Christ return? You need to know!

  • Why Will Jesus Christ Return?
  • The Key to Ending Chaos
  • Who Will Listen to My Warning?
  • The Bible�s Prophetic Festivals
  • The Supreme Court: Turning the World Upside Down
  • 75 Years Afer World War II: Will History Repeat?
  • The War on Law and Order
  • Living in the Light of Eternity—Today!

Beyond Today Magazine

With the global coronavirus pandemic, worldwide economic setbacks and social unrest and turmoil, it�s no wonder that so many people are discouraged and depressed. It�s enough to discourage and frustrate anybody! But what can we do? How can we cope? Where can we look for hope and help? We need the answers, and you can find them in the pages of your Bible! We address these key questions in this issue of Beyond Today magazine.

  • Hope and Help for the Brokenhearted
  • A Taste of Chaos to Come
  • Are You Worn Down by Weariness?
  • Will You Be Prepared for the Next Crisis?
  • God�s Message: Think Differently!
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Is There a Better Way?
  • Coronavirus Fallout: The Economic Impact
  • 75 Years After Hiroshima: Real Peril, Real Hope

Beyond Today Magazine

The world has been engulfed in a major crisis�a worldwide pandemic for which we have no vaccine and no sure cure. Because of its randomness, people are rightfully concerned. Much of the world has been told to stay indoors and avoid contact with other people. This epidemic dominates the news�but what does the Bible say? Does this have anything to do with Bible prophecy? What would God have us do at a time such as this? We address these key questions in this issue of Beyond Today magazine.

  • Coping in Times of Crisis
  • In a Post-Pandemic World, Choose to Change!
  • Will He Find Faith?
  • Covid-19 and Rampant Fear
  • The Snare of Sudden Change
  • Epidemics in Bible Prophecy
  • Five Tools for Dealing With Trials
  • The Holy Spirit: Key to Real Change in Your Life
  • Eternity on Display

Beyond Today Magazine

Most people are aware that Jesus Christ was crucified and died for our sins some 2,000 years ago. But why was that necessary? Why did He go through the horrible suffering He experienced? Why did He, specifically, go through this and not someone else? And what does this mean for you and me and your relationship with God? In this issue of Beyond Today magazine, we address these key questions and their revealing answers.

  • The Greatest Sacrifice
  • �That Rock Was Christ�
  • How Does Christ�s Suffering Help in Our Suffering?
  • Yeast, Unleavened Bread and Pride
  • Easter: Why Shouldn�t We Celebrate Jesus� Resurrection?
  • Plagues on the Horizon?
  • �I Go to Prepare a Place for You�

Beyond Today Magazine

What lies ahead as we enter the 2020s? Major changes are taking place in the nation and around the world. What do they mean? Where are these trends taking us? And most importantly, what do they mean for you and will you be ready? You won�t find answers to these questions in the normal news sources, but you will in the pages of your Bible. In this issue of Beyond Today magazine, we look at these key questions and answers.

  • The 2020s Are Here: Are You Ready?
  • The Quiet Rise of Authoritarianism
  • Brexit From Babylon: The Future of the Democratic Nation-State
  • Venezuela�s Crisis: When Will It End?
  • Spiritual Lessons From My Double Lung Transplant
  • �Who Says I Can�t?�
  • Fixing Our Eyes on Eternity
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