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Each issue of Beyond Today magazine is packed with articles about world trends and events, family and social issues, prophecy in the news and Beyond Today's eye-opening, in-depth perspective of the Bible.

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Is it possible to know whether God really exists? Is there a way we can know for sure? Few questions could be more important! Many people have uncritically accepted what they’re told by mass media and educational systems and have been brainwashed into believing there is no God. But what does the evidence say? We need only look at discoveries from many fields of science and accept what the facts clearly reveal. In this issue we examine some of the clear evidence from science. You need to understand what it shows us! Read about this and other fascinating topics in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.

  • Seven Scientific Proofs of God
  • Creation According to Plan
  • The Return of the God Hypothesis
  • Why Are So Many Abandoning Christianity?
  • Afghanistan: Milestone on a Road to Decline
  • The United States and China: Destined for War?
  • Christmas: Is It Really “Glory to the Newborn King”?
  • Meeting Others in Our Path

Beyond Today Magazine

Lately we’ve been hearing a new term from the global elites—“The Great Reset.” What exactly is that, and what does it mean? It’s their term for their vision of a different and better world. It will indeed be different, but far from better—in fact it will lead to a nightmarish global power foretold in Bible prophecy. But beyond that lies real hope—God’s very different “great reset” to a new world under the reign of Jesus Christ! You need to understand what God’s Word has to say about both of these coming world-altering changes!

  • The Great Reset: Where Will It Lead?
  • The Cuban and Haitian Crises: What’s the Wider Impact?
  • Twenty Years After 9/11: What Have We Learned?
  • God’s Great Reset: How It Will Change the World
  • Do You Know About the Holy Days Jesus Kept?
  • Gain From God’s Perspective
  • Luther and Tyndale on Death:

Beyond Today Magazine

We live in what seems to be a world of unrelenting stress—problem after problem that saps away our strength, sanity and endurance. Jobs, family, health, finances, the state of our countries—it seems that nothing is safe and stable anymore. So what can we do to cope? How can we maintain a positive attitude? Can we find answers in the Bible? You need to understand the biblical perspective on these important questions. You’ll find answers in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.

  • Keys to Coping in Troubled Times
  • Faith's Hall of Fame
  • How Can We Endure in Times of Crisis?
  • Bible Answers for Coping With Stress
  • The Parable of the Talents
  • Baptism: Beginning of a New Life
  • Facing Today’s Giants With God’s Help
  • America’s Economic Transformation
  • Whom Do You Belong To?

Beyond Today Magazine

For the last year the world has dealt with the scourge of Covid-19, a disease that has dominated the headlines as well as our individual lives. Yet a far deadlier plague infects our world, exacting a far greater death toll and ruining far more lives. That plague is abortion—the deliberate killing of the unborn in some the most horrifying ways imaginable. How does God—the giver of life—view this taking of the most innocent of life? How does abortion affect those who have one? You need to understand the biblical perspective on these important questions, and you’ll find answers in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.

  • The Silent Epidemic
  • Abortion’s Other Victims
  • Heartbeats Never Lie
  • The Firstfruits of Salvation
  • Where Have All the Fathers Gone?
  • Prepare Now: The Bridegroom Is Coming
  • A Doorway of Remembrance

Beyond Today Magazine

As we approach the time of year when Christians are reminded of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, His death and His resurrection to ascend to His Father in heaven, how much do you know about what lies behind these events? Who exactly was Jesus Christ and what was His mission and purpose? Why did He go through these things? And what will He do in the future? You need a clear biblical understanding of these important questions, and you’ll find answers in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.

  • When God Became Man So Man Could Become God
  • Christ the King
  • Good Friday–Easter Sunday: It Just Doesn’t Add Up
  • How Much Do You Know About the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
  • What’s Holding America Together?
  • Are You Being Manipulated?
  • Jesus’ Sacrifice and the Need for New Government
  • Knock, Knock! Will You Answer?

Beyond Today Magazine

Do you know anyone who is worn down and discouraged by the grind of life? Maybe this is affecting your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. What can you do to help those who are worn down by weariness? How can you better cope yourself? And what is the source of so much suffering and misery in the world? All of these are crucial questions, and you’ll find answer in this issue of Beyond Today!

  • Helping Those Worn Down by Weariness
  • Is Your Life “Good Enough” for God?
  • How to Cope Spiritually in Times of Darkness
  • Where Does Evil Come From? How Will It End?
  • America and the Return to God
  • God’s State of the Union Address to America
  • Have You Really Turned Your Life Over to God?
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