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Each issue of Beyond Today magazine is packed with articles about world trends and events, family and social issues, prophecy in the news and Beyond Today's eye-opening, in-depth perspective of the Bible.

Beyond Today Magazine

We’re seeing a seismic shift in modern society. Western civilization that was built on belief in God and the Bible as His Word is fundamentally changing. God, His values and His commandments are being canceled from people’s lives. Governments, courts, businesses and technology are actively silencing God from public and private life. How and why is this happening? What’s behind this? Does it have any implications for prophesied end-time events? It’s crucial for your life that you understand the answers!

  • The Conspiracy to Cancel God
  • A Coming Famine of the Word
  • Cancel Culture and the Future of Christianity
  • Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Biblical Perspective
  • The Human Side of the Ukraine Tragedy
  • Growing State Tyranny: Foretaste of the End Time?
  • A Return to 1970s Stagflation?
  • 70 Years of Elizabeth II, the Servant Queen

Beyond Today Magazine

We live in deeply troubled world. Everywhere we look we see problems. The last year has been one of immense suffering and death. It's no wonder that people feel so depressed and beaten down. Where can we look for hope when things seem hopeless? How can we better cope? The title of this magazine, Beyond Today, points us beyond today's troubles to a far different future promised in God's Word. It also points us to how we can learn to walk with God, confident in that hope and in His promises. You can learn much more about that vital relationship in this issue!

  • You Can Walk With God
  • Ukakachira! A Story of Faith in Our Time
  • "Christ Our Passover Was Sacrificed for Us"
  • Do We Have Valid Testimony to the Life of Christ?
  • Can Jesus' Existence Be Proven From Sources Outside the Bible?
  • The Curse of Inflation: A Biblical View
  • Seizing the Moment for God's Glory

Beyond Today Magazine

The scientific field of archaeology has not only confirmed the existence of many people and places mentioned in the Bible, it has also proven the Bible to be correct in many details large and small. A recent scientific analysis of 15 seasons of excavation at a site in the Jordan Valley appears to be stunning verification of one of the Bible’s most remarkable stories—the sudden and catastrophic destruction of Sodom as punishment for its heinous sins. This issue covers that remarkable story and what we should learn from it. It also shows how other evidence from archaeology shows that the Bible is indeed an accurate and trustworthy historical document—a book we can and must believe! Read about this and other fascinating topics in the pages of this issue of Beyond Today.

  • What If Sodom Has Been Found?
  • The Location of Sodom: What Does the Bible Say?
  • What Does Archaeology Tell Us About the Bible?
  • Recent Holy Land Finds Support the Biblical Record
  • Choose to Be Happy While Encouraging Others
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