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Each issue of Beyond Today magazine is packed with articles about world trends and events, family and social issues, prophecy in the news and Beyond Today's eye-opening, in-depth perspective of the Bible.

Beyond Today Magazine

Do the problems of our world lead to anxiety, despair or resignation? Can you personally do anything about our national or global problems? It’s important to pay attention to these challenges, and we do in this issue. Yet, you’re not going to change the world today. But there are things you can do to bring change to your world—your own life. Discover how in this issue of Beyond Today Magazine.

  • Embrace the Change You Can Make
  • Can You Change the World?
  • Human Nature: What You Need to Know!
  • What’s Behind the Border Disaster?
  • Three Keys to Knowing God
  • Do You Really Have the Holy Spirit?
  • Did the New Covenant Cancel God’s Commandments?
  • 7 Constructive Ways to Fight Loneliness
  • Follow Me … Moving Beyond Our Human Strategies

Beyond Today Magazine

What is the secret of human consciousness? Modern science and technology have been attempting to duplicate it through artificial intelligence. Some even dream of transferring human minds over to computers as the means to living into eternity. But this discounts a vital nonmaterial component of the human mind—what the Bible refers to as the spirit in man. It is this spirit that imparts human intellect to the human brain, also enabling moral choices. Most who accept a spiritual aspect to human existence think in terms of an “immortal soul.” But the Bible does not teach that. Yet it does speak of future life beyond death and reveals the actual way to live forever. That involves moral choices and the work of a Savior to redeem us from our past wrong choices ending in death—and His help to lead us forward into new life. Be sure to read this issue of Beyond Today to help you in finding the true way to eternal life.

  • Is This How We Live Forever?
  • Missing From Science: The Spiritual Element in Man
  • Adaptation: Designed by God, Not From Evolution
  • Three Levels of Jesus Christ’s Great Sacrifice
  • False Religion vs. The Way
  • Why You Don’t Have an Immortal Soul
  • Why Should Christians Celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
  • Should Christians Observe the Passover?
  • Teen Mental Health: Light at the End of the Tunnel
  • Follow Me: The Great Decision

Beyond Today Magazine

The world is plunging into a darkening era of societal upheaval and advancing evil. Is your worldview accurate? There is only one Source of truth—the God of the Bible. His Word answers the deep questions, explains underlying reality and announces what lies ahead, giving genuine hope. We all need a biblical worldview! For help in focusing through that lens, be sure to read this issue of Beyond Today.

  • A New Era
  • A Biblical Worldview in a Darkening Era
  • Hell Unleashed: The Spirit Behind the Hamas Attack on Israel
  • Jesus Christ’s Wonderful Advance News!
  • Three Dangerous Worldviews Permeating Modern Society
  • Before You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine…
  • What’s Behind the Scourge of Human Trafficking?
  • More Archaeological Finds Support the Biblical Record
  • Don’t Quit, Keep Playing
  • Follow Me…They Shall Learn War No More!
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