A New Era

by Rick Shabi Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

With this issue of Beyond Today, the calendar has turned to a new year. And with that turn comes hope of a brighter tomorrow, hope for a future that will bring peace to the world, and hope that all men will show good will toward each other.

Hope springs eternal in the human spirit. We look for the brighter day, even when the world around us grows dark and grim, with evil taking hold of more and more of society. We may want to shield our eyes from the reality of what’s happening, but it’s happening nonetheless.

When we realistically take stock of today’s world, with its wars and conflicts between nations and between groups within nations, an uncertain global economy, violent protests amid populations changing through mixed ideologies, and quickly shifting attitudes about morality and governance, we may wonder where this world is headed.

The fact is, the world is headed into a darker future, just as the Bible has foretold. But there is hope beyond today.

With the current issue, we present a new look and feel to Beyond Today magazine. Since its inception as The Good News magazine decades ago, Beyond Today, flagship publication of the United Church of God, an International Association, continues in its mission of bringing you the truth of the Bible—giving the principles we must live by to please God, and showing how to apply those principles in your life. That springs from a biblical worldview.

With that biblical worldview, we also bring you the news of today, showing how it relates to the Bible’s prophecies of the end time.

Make no mistake—the Bible is God’s infallible Word of truth that not only shows us how to live our lives in a way that leads to peace, joy, harmony and abundance for everyone around the world, but it also shows us the suffering and pain that results from man’s doing things “his own way” and why God allows that.

The “good news” is that “beyond today” a better world is coming. You may have noticed the new tagline on the front cover, “Envisioning a Better World Tomorrow.” We need that future before us to motivate us onward.

While the global society around us is plunging into a darkening “new era” of growing dangers, as Jesus Christ foretold of the end time, we here at Beyond Today are entering a new era in the history of the magazine.

With this issue comes a transfer of editorial responsibility. We want to thank managing editor Scott Ashley for his 27 fine years of service and tireless effort in directing the publication of the magazine and our many study guides and other literature. Scott retired a few months back, and we wish him and his wife many years of happiness and joy as they continue to serve God, in His Church, during their retirement.

We welcome Tom Robinson, Mitchell Moss and Matt Hernandez to their new, expanded roles in the editorial, layout, and art direction of the publication.

Going forward, you can count on Beyond Today continuing to bring you the unfiltered, plain truth of God’s written Word, the Bible, in our content. We are here to bring you the truth Jesus Christ brought, as inspired by God the Father. God’s Word gives us direction, guidance, comfort, peace, hope and so much more. The world needs the truth and the hope God has revealed to us through Scripture.

We’ll likewise continue in the same vein on our television program, available at and on YouTube at BeyondTodayTV.

We hope that you enjoy and profit from the articles you read and the programs you watch and that you’ll dedicate yourself to learning and living with a biblical worldview, the focus of our cover story.

And please, as we continue to develop this publication and our TV program into tools useful to you in learning the truths of the Bible, feel free to write and give us your comments, suggestions and questions. We are here to serve you.

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