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January—February 2024

The world is plunging into a darkening era of societal upheaval and advancing evil. Is your worldview accurate? There is only one Source of truth—the God of the Bible. His Word answers the deep questions, explains underlying reality and announces what lies ahead, giving genuine hope. We all need a biblical worldview! For help in focusing through that lens, be sure to read this issue of Beyond Today.

A New Era

The fact is, the world is headed into a darker future, just as the Bible has foretold. But there is hope beyond today.

A Biblical Worldview in a Darkening Era

We need a proper lens to filter the input we receive. Where can we find a reliable frame of reference through which to see the world?

Hell Unleashed: The Spirit Behind the Hamas Attack on Israel

The viciousness of the recent Hamas attack on Israel and its occurrence on a biblical Holy Day, like an invasion 50 years before, have biblical significance, pointing to the devil’s rage.

Jesus Christ’s Wonderful Advance News!

Through God’s Word, the Bible, Jesus Christ conveyed a momentous announcement about the future of the world that you and all people need to hear!

Three Dangerous Worldviews Permeating Modern Society

We see what happens in society and the various notions and ideologies out there through the lens of our worldview. And that should be based on actual truth found in Scripture. Yet there are widespread viewpoints that would dismiss the Bible. We need awareness of these to combat them.

Before You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine…

Millions send Valentine’s Day cards to express their affection for someone special. But how did this holiday originate? And does Valentine’s Day represent what true love is all about?

What’s Behind the Scourge of Human Trafficking?

What is human trafficking? What instigates and drives it? Who are its victims? How will it come to an end?

More Archaeological Finds Support the Biblical Record

Archaeological discoveries in and about the Holy Land often relate to the Bible. Following is an annotated list of recent finds.

Don’t Quit Keep Playing

In struggling through life’s hardships, know that you are not alone. You have a Great Master who will see you through and help you succeed.

Current Events & Trends: January/February 2024

An overview of events and conditions around the world featured in the January/February 2024 issue of Beyond Today.

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