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March—April 2024

Modern science has been attempting to duplicate human consciousness through artificial intelligence. But this discounts a vital nonmaterial component of the human mind—what the Bible refers to as the spirit in man. Most who accept a spiritual aspect to human existence think in terms of an “immortal soul.” While the Bible does not teach that, it does speak of future life beyond death and reveals the actual way to live forever. Be sure to read this issue of Beyond Today to help you in finding the true way to eternal life.

Missing From Science: The Spiritual Element in Man

The spirit of the human mind is a wonderful thing. It gives us understanding, purpose and a way to connect with God. Thank God for that gift.

Is This How We Live Forever? What Tech Doesn’t Fathom About the Spirit of the Human Mind

What is the secret of human consciousness and intellect? Is it purely materialistic—a matter of biochemical programming science can duplicate? Or is there a nonphysical, spiritual element in the mind? Is it what many call the soul—or something else? And what does it mean for life beyond death?

Why You Don’t Have an Immortal Soul

One of the most prevalent beliefs of traditional Christianity is that people have immortal souls which, at death, leave the body and go to heaven or hell. But, surprising as it may be, the Bible teaches no such concept!

Adaptation: Designed by God, Not From Evolution

Genetic adaptation to environment has been attributed to natural selection for advantageous mutations. But scientists have recently learned that adaptations come mostly from genetic switches responding to circumstances—proof of design, as attested by the Bible.

False Religion vs. The Way

Paganism is inclusive. True Christianity, once called the Way, is not. Its original followers passionately rejected the concepts and practices of religions not based on the Bible. What does that mean for you?

Three Levels of Jesus Christ’s Great Sacrifice

Jesus died to redeem us from sin and its penalties. However, the laying down of His life in sacrifice started long before that. Let’s zoom out to a broader perspective.

Teen Mental Health: Light at the End of the Tunnel

The minds of young people are being pummeled every day by an increasingly wayward cul-ture and time spent plugged into social media. Let’s look at the broadening scope of the cri-sis—and explore realistic solutions.

Follow Me: The Great Decision

The horror of what Jesus was facing drove Him to pray for another way, but He chose to submit to His Father’s will—as we all must do in everything to be His followers.

Current Events & Trends: March/April 2024

An overview of events and conditions around the world featured in the March/April 2024 issue of Beyond Today.

Letters From Our Readers: March/April 2024

Readers of Beyond Today magazine share their thoughts in the March/April 2024 issue.

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