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May—June 2022

We’re seeing a seismic shift in modern society. Western civilization that was built on belief in God and the Bible as His Word is fundamentally changing. God, His values and His commandments are being canceled from people’s lives. Governments, courts, businesses and technology are actively silencing God from public and private life. How and why is this happening? What’s behind this? Does it have any implications for prophesied end-time events? It’s crucial for your life that you understand the answers!

The Conspiracy to Cancel God

An insidious campaign is underway right now to cancel God, His commandments and His values from people’s lives. How and why is this happening? What are its effects? How will it end?

A Coming Famine of the Word

Isaiah 55:6-7 tells us: “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him . . .” Seek mercy. Seek forgiveness. Seek God while you can.

Cancel Culture and the Future of Christianity

A major cultural change is taking place right before our eyes. Christianity—long a traditional and accepted part of society—is increasingly being silenced by governments, courts, businesses and technology. What does this mean? Where is it headed?

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Biblical Perspective

Russia’s brutal invasion of neighboring Ukraine has stunned the world and shocked Europe out of its long complacency. Does Bible prophecy shed any light on this?

The Human Side of the Ukraine Tragedy

Ukraine’s current tragedy is one more sad chapter in a long history of invasion and oppression.

Growing State Tyranny: Foretaste of the End Time?

Recent tyrannical government edicts have trampled the rights and consciences of millions of people. What’s driving this? Does it have any implications for prophesied end-time events?

A Return to 1970s Stagflation?

Remember the 1970s’ high unemployment, empty store shelves, lines at gas stations and skyrocketing inflation? History may be set to repeat!

70 Years of Elizabeth II, the Servant Queen

In the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, we reflect on a beloved figure exemplifying dignity and devotion yet sadly not preserving her realms from moral plummet and decline.

Current Events and Trends

An overview of events and conditions around the world featured in the May/June 2022 issue of Beyond Today.

Letters From Our Readers

Readers of Beyond Today magazine share their thoughts in the May/June 2022 issue.

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