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May—June 2023

It seems our world is growing more unrecognizable by the day. The differences between everyday life today and just a few years ago are staggering. It seems the world has taken U-turn into dark days and will never be the same again. Evil that once lurked in the darkness is now out in the open and publicly celebrated! What in the world is going on? The answer is evident to those who have a perspective and worldview rooted in God’s Word. The world is embracing evil! You need to know why and what’s behind it all!

The Unseen “God of This Age”

God gives us the knowledge and help we need to resist Satan in every way.

A World Embracing Evil

Our world is changing before our eyes in frightening ways. What’s behind the bizarre things we are seeing, and what can we do about them?

Have the Ancient Gods Returned?

A recent book puts forth an intriguing idea that the ancient gods of the pagan world have returned to haunt our modern societies. Have the pagan deities returned? Or could it be something else, something most do not understand?

How Evil Will Be Ended

Though evil permeates our world, we look forward in hope—to a future day when evil will be gone at last!

Are We Underestimating Our Need to Resist Satan?

All of us need reminding of a vicious enemy who wants to tear our lives into pieces. But we can take heart in being able to resist him. God’s Word shows us how.

Seven Counterfeit Values Ensnaring Society

The world around us prizes qualities that are ultimately worthless and harmful. Your awareness of them will help protect you and your children.

Hope When All Seems Hopeless

Amid ongoing trials and adversities pushing you to bitterness and defeat, discover real, lasting hope—so powerful that, when you embrace it, despair is overcome.

Pentecost and the Promise of the Father

Having been with Jesus Christ throughout His ministry, His original 12 apostles became deeply saddened when He told them He would be going away. But what awesome event turned their sorrow into joy? And what should that singular occurrence mean for us today?

America’s Military in Crisis

As the world grows increasingly unstable, America’s military appears dangerously misguided.

Current Events & Trends: May/June 2023

An overview of events and conditions around the world featured in the May/June 2023 issue of Beyond Today.

More Proof of the Bible: Mount Ebal Discoveries

Recent archaeological findings regarding an altar and curse tablet corroborate the Bible’s record of the Israelites’ entry into the Holy Land as a people in covenant with God

Follow Me: “Deliver Us From the Evil One”

As the menacing ruler of this world drags society into deepening darkness, we must turn to the light for ongoing help and victory.

Letters From Our Readers: May/June 2023

Readers of Beyond Today magazine share their thoughts in the May/June 2023 issue.

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