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November—December 2017

A century ago the Russian revolution toppled Czar Nicholas II and led to a communist takeover of the Russian Empire. How did that revolution come about? What was it like for the people who lived under the communist system? What were the results of this misguided experiment to create a human utopia without God? And why is it so hard to create a human government that really works?

Follow Me: Three Gardens With One Purpose—the Culmination

The biblical story begins, transitions and ends with life in a garden. In this third part in a series, we consider the last setting.

The Sin of Lying

Lying—almost everybody does it and for a variety of reasons. But how does God view it, and what can we do about it?

Why Some Christians Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Many feel that Christmas marks Christ’s birthday and that it honors Him. After all, can 2 billion professing Christians be wrong? At the same time, some few Christians don’t observe Christmas, believing that Jesus didn’t sanction it and that it dishonors Him. Who is right—and why?

Why Is the Perfect Government So Elusive?

The search for the best government has occupied mankind for thousands of years. And still, no one would ever call any of the systems in place today ideal.

Living the Dream: What Will It Be Like?

Over the centuries mankind has tried to build human utopias, but all have failed. One day all of humanity will be living a life that many can only dream about today. How will that come about?

Russia’s Influence on America and the World

The communist revolution that began in Russia 100 years ago ultimately swept up many nations in its grip. And although the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Russia’s influence on America and the rest of the world continues in ways few people realize or admit.

100 Years of Communism: The Failed Revolution

A century has passed since the 1917 October Revolution that led to the birth of the Soviet Union and a worldwide communist movement. How did that revolution come about, and what were its fruits? What lessons should mankind learn from this failed attempt to create a utopia?

The Soviet Union: The Dream and the Reality

I grew up in the Soviet Union and experienced it firsthand. The system was founded on the dream of a worker’s paradise where all would share and every need would be met. So why did it fail?

Today’s Economic Systems: Are They Biblical?

Are communism, socialism and today’s capitalism endorsed in Scripture? Plus, what does the Bible explain is the astounding future of government on earth?

The Balfour Declaration: One Hundred Years Later

Do you know the story of how a little-known document issued in Great Britain 100 years ago helped set the stage for a key fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

Current Events & Trends: November/December 2017

An overview of events and conditions around the world featured in the November/December 2017 issue of Beyond Today.

Letters From Our Readers: November/December 2017

Readers of Beyond Today magazine share their thoughts in the November/December 2017 issue.

The Problem With Human Government

Every form of human government has failed to some extent—though obviously some more spectacularly than others. Clearly human government has its problems. But why? What’s at the heart of it all?

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