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September—October 2016

Our world desperately needs real leadership! Why is it so hard to find? One reason is that we fail to understand what the Bible reveals is at the heart of true leadership. The time is coming when the world will experience the right kind of leadership—as exemplified by Jesus Christ Himself! In this issue you’ll also learn what that coming new age will be like and how you can be a part of it.

What Is Real Leadership?

As a nation and a world cry out in desperation for right leadership, why is real leadership so hard to find? What makes a real leader, and will the world ever see the right kind of leadership?

Brexit: What Does It Mean for Your World?

The European Union (EU) was formed to promote peace, prosperity and economic and political union throughout Europe. But the recent British exit vote (Brexit) has thrown those assumptions into doubt. What does the future hold for Europe?

Bible Prophecy and You: Amazing Examples of Prophecies Already Fulfilled

God is the all-powerful Creator of the universe who has a master plan, who determines future events and then brings them to pass—exactly in every detail, and exactly on time!

Are You Running on Fumes?

If your fuel tank is running so low that you’re running on fumes, you may be in danger in more ways than one!

Follow Me: Don’t You Know Christ Is in You?

Was the close connection first-century Christians had with the Father and Christ only for that time? Or is it for us today as well?

Lessons From the Parables: Are You a Wise and Watching Christian?

Matthew 25 records Jesus Christ’s parable of the wise and foolish virgins. What lessons did He intend us to learn from it?

What happens to all of mankind who lived and died before Jesus Christ lived?

The wonderful answer to the last part of the question is yes, they can be saved.

Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in Today’s World

This seven-day biblical festival gives you a preview of the coming wonderful age beyond today.

How Do Christians Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles Today?

To observe the seven days of the Feast and the Eighth Day that immediately follows, families gather in centralized locations for the entire festival.

God’s Feast: Steps of Salvation

Few people know that the Bible reveals seven festivals that were kept by Jesus Christ and the early Church and how these festivals show the way God is working out His plan for mankind!

God’s Greatest Miracle

Your Bible and all nature tell of the many miracles of God. But one qualifies as His greatest. Could it involve you?

A Christian Perspective on Immigrants

Christians must recognize that we ourselves are strangers amid Western culture and all human society—being citizens of a kingdom yet to come.

The Immigration Threat

A flood of immigration without assimilation has led to increased danger from foreigners among Western nations. How should we approach this matter, and what lies ahead?

God’s Instructions for Rulers

What kind of standards does God expect in leaders?

Letters From Our Readers: September/October 2016

Readers of Beyond Today magazine share their thoughts in the September/October 2016 issue.

Current Events & Trends: Fitness as important as not smoking

We’ve been taught since grade school that we should stay fit to live healthier and longer lives. A recent study with data going back close to a lifetime reveals more about this.

Current Events & Trends: ISIS calls for violence against Russia

The self-proclaimed Islamic State (or ISIS) continues to terrorize the Middle East while encouraging and supporting terrorist attacks abroad, especially in Europe, and influencing jihadist activity in the United States.

Current Events & Trends: Germany’s migrant policy unchanged after attacks

Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Germany has experienced a good measure of progress, prosperity and peace.

Current Events & Trends: Fallout from Turkey’s failed coup

Since 1923, following the successful Turkish War of Independence after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire of the Turks in World War I, the Republic of Turkey was organized according to the vision of one man—Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Current Events & Trends: Islamic State explains to West: “Why We Hate You”

The leaders of the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) are nothing if not accomplished advocates and propagandists for their cause.

A Little-Known Feast of the Bible

Take the opportunity to learn more about God’s festivals as revealed in the Bible.

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