Current Events & Trends: May/June 2022

by Beyond Today Editor Estimated reading time: 10 minutes. Posted on 21-Apr-2022
An overview of events and conditions around the world featured in the May/June 2022 issue of Beyond Today.

Prepare for coming food shortages, price inflation

Geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan recently wrote about possible ominous outcomes from the war in Ukraine beyond the current suffering. He warns of impacts on global food supplies, titling his piece “The Return of the Third Horseman”—in reference to the Four Horsemen of Revelation, the third signifying food shortages and famine. Zeitan notes, “Whatever you think will happen, the reality is almost certainly worse.”

He notes that poor harvests and low exports from Russia back in 2010 sent food prices skyrocketing in the Middle East, leading to the protests and revolutions we know as the Arab Spring and Syrian Civil War, which allowed Islamic fundamentalists to gain control. Yet, as he further says, this time it’s far worse.

He goes on to detail a fertilizer supply crisis. This will devastate Third World nations and bring years-long shortages even to the affluent Western nations.

Giving further context to all this, a list of 20 alarming facts concerning an emerging global food shortage compiled by analyst Michael Snyder was posted to the web in early April. We summarize these here.

1) France’s foreign affairs minister said the European Union must come to grips with the prospect that the war in Ukraine could prompt an “extremely serious” global food crisis.

2) Joe Biden admitted that food shortages are going to be real, with his administration using the word famine for what’s coming.

3) Reuters and others report that German supermarket prices will soon increase by 20 to 50 percent.

4) Spain has already started rationing, with sporadic shortages of different products like eggs, milk and sunflower oil.

5) Greece too has begun rationing products like flour and sunflower oil.

6) The head of the giant investment management company BlackRock said that this “very entitled generation that has never had to sacrifice” is “for the first time . . . going to go into a store and not be able to get what they want.”

7) Since the previous year, some fertilizer prices have gone up as much as 300 percent.

8) Many farmers in Africa won’t be able to afford fertilizer this year, reducing grain production by an amount that would feed 100 million people.

9) Russia’s role as one of the biggest exporters of fertilizer is impeded, leading to shortages and higher prices.

10) Russia and Ukraine’s exporting of wheat, typically 30 percent of global wheat exports, is being hindered.

11) Africa will not be receiving the half of its wheat imports that usually come from Russia or Ukraine.

12) Other nations of Central Asia and the Middle East, even more reliant than Africa on wheat from Russia and Ukraine, will also not receive the normal larger part of their wheat from these places.

13) Russian security official and former president Dmitry Medvedev has threatened that Russia will limit its food exports to only those nations deemed friendly, cutting off the West.

14) Another 5 million egg-laying chickens in Iowa had to be put down because of bird flu.

15) This pushes Iowa’s chicken deaths in the face of bird flu to more than 13 million.

16) Overall the national death toll of poultry from the bird flu stands at 22 million egg-laying chickens, and several more million broiler chickens, young hens and other commercial chickens, and turkeys.

17) China’s agricultural minister announced that China’s winter wheat harvest could be the worst in history.

18) We’ve been warned that the U.S. winter wheat harvest will be disastrous because of severe drought.

19) A prominent U.S. farmer stated in an interview that most Americans won’t like it when their grocery bill is up $1,000 a month.

20) The UN World Food program says that what we’re facing now is unlike anything seen since World War II.

And, again, this could be just the beginning. Unrest will grow, and worse events will transpire. Even if the current problem were somehow dealt with, the world will see increasing war and famine. The images coming out of the war in Ukraine are awful and heartbreaking. Such warfare is pictured in the ride of the second horseman of Revelation. “But,” as Zeitan concludes, “it is the return of the Third that gives me nightmares.”

We are on the cusp of dire troubles, and it’s time to start preparing—both physically and, more importantly, spiritually. Download or request our free study guide The Horsemen of Revelation to learn more.



Florida seeks to stop kids’ LGBTQ indoctrination in schools

A preschool corporation with branches in 40 states and an extensive LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning) curriculum offers this activity for celebrating Pride Month: “Switch the caps on a set of markers so they don’t match the colors inside. Talk with children about whether the color of the marker cap should match the color of the marker itself. Does it matter to children if what they wear on the outside represents how they feel on the inside?”

This is followed by discussion of terms such as “queer,” “gender fluid” and “non-binary” along with a redefinition of family. Many recognize this as social engineering and even grooming of children to accept alternative sexuality and become activists for it.

This corporation has 50 centers in Florida, but the curriculum it advances becomes illegal under what some call Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill recently signed into law, claiming it’s homophobic and repressive. In fact this legislation has no language in it telling people to not say “gay.” What it actually does is to forbid institutional teaching of kindergarteners through third graders about such concepts as sexual orientation and gender identity. It’s more accurate to call it parental rights or anti-grooming legislation.

When pollsters with Public Opinion Strategies presented the actual language to voters, it had overwhelming support. And some other states may follow. Yet as always, we see loud media voices decrying such protection of children. It's sad and shameful, but not unexpected in this increasingly immoral world.



Transgender-promoting agenda gets some pushback

In March 2020, the gold medal in the NCAA women’s 500-yard freestyle swimming race went to a transgender athlete, who before adopting a female identity competed for three years on the University of Pennsylvania men’s team. This clearly wasn’t fair. Hormone blockers do not erase the size, muscle and strength advantages of being a biological male athlete. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a proclamation declaring Emma Weyant, who took silver in the race, to be the actual winner, noting, “We need to stop allowing organizations like the NCAA to perpetuate frauds on the public. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. They are putting ideology ahead of opportunity for women athletes.”

Sadly the Biden administration has introduced new rules to mandate the allowance and furtherance of such fraud throughout America based on Title IX, a 1972 law banning sex discrimination in education—which was never intended to allow what it’s now being used for. How long will it be before women’s sports are completely dominated by biological males claiming to be female? This will destroy women’s sports.

In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott issued a directive in February ordering the state child welfare agency to investigate reports of gender-transitioning coaching and procedures on minors as child abuse. A chorus of celebrities erupted in howling protest at the supposedly inhumane and ghoulish position of the Texas government.

It calls to mind a biblical warning: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness” (Isaiah 5:20). Yet that is increasingly the way of the world around us.

On March 31, the “International Transgender Day of Visibility,” the Biden administration marked the occasion as one to celebrate and

released a series of documents encouraging gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatments for minors. Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman called this “child abuse, pure and simple.”

The president in his speech and proclamation said: “We recognize the resilience, strength, and joy of transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people. We celebrate the activism and determination that have fueled the fight for transgender equality.” He spoke further of celebrating those affirming the identities of transgender children, declaring them all so brave and that he has their back.

Shockingly, he even invoked God in this, declaring them “made in the image of God and deserving of dignity, respect, and support.” The implication is that God made them transgender or approves of their choice in that—when the Bible is clear that when God created people in His own image, “male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27). Promoting transgenderism is rebellion against God’s created order, and invoking Him in this cause is blasphemy.

Last year, the president elevated Pennsylvania’s transgender Secretary of Health, a pediatrician identifying as a woman, to federal appointment as Assistant Health Secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and then a four-star admiral in the US. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps—as if there is anything healthy about transgenderism!

A number of conservative and Christian commentators have been censored or banned from Twitter and other social media for hate and misinformation for simply declaring the reality that this person is actually a man. USA Today named this person one of 12 “women of the year”!

The president’s recent nominee for U.S. Supreme Court justice, who met his stated discriminatory criteria of being a woman of color, was asked in her Senate hearing if she could define what a woman is. She ridiculously answered that she could not as she was not a biologist. This from a nominee to the nation’s highest court!

Former Democratic U.S. House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard remarked, “The hypocrisy and absurdity of this is that she was nominated by President Biden in large part because she is a woman.”

Others have pointed out that the political left actually doesn’t care what a biologist would say anyway. Transgender identity is not about biological reality but about societal restructuring, destruction of natural roles and personal feelings.

Even some liberals acknowledge things have gone too far. Kara Dansky, a Democrat who’s president of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, said in an interview in December 2021: “We’re seeing the total invasion of women’s spaces—prisons, bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms and sports—by men on the basis of their so-called female gender identity . . . Words like ‘gender identity’ don’t have any meaning . . . They’re defined variously, inconsistently and vaguely in ways that don’t make any sense. Every single human being is either a male person or a female person. Everything else is a lie.”

North Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson boldly declared before a church to supportive cheering: “There’s something else I’m not supposed to say: Ain’t but two genders . . . Ain’t nothing but men and women . . . Get every word of this here . . . You can go to the doctor and get cut up. You can go down to the dress shop and get made up. You can go down there and get drugged up. But at the end of the day, you’re just a drugged up, dressed up, made up, cut up man or woman. You ain’t changed what God put in you, that DNA. You can’t transcend God’s creation. I don’t care how hard you try . . . If there’s a movement in this country that is demonic and that is full of the spirit of antichrist it is the transgender movement . . . It’s time for grownups and it’s time for Christians to start standing up and being unafraid to tell the truth . . . They’re dragging our kids down into the pit of hell.”

We can and should have compassion on those suffering from the mental illness of gender confusion. But we must not be cowed into accepting lies as reality. The real problem is not this small sliver of the population but the vast numbers of “woke” advocates promoting these evils—including far too many government leaders.

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