Letters From Our Readers: November/December 2023

by Beyond Today Editor Estimated reading time: 4 minutes. Posted on 1-Nov-2023
Readers of Beyond Today magazine share their thoughts in the November/December 2023 issue.

“How to Make God Real to Your Children”

I am 97 years old, born in 1925 without a family, a home, or money. I live at a health center and I read your magazine. Your wonderful article, “How To Make God Real to Your Children” [part 1 was published in the July-August issue, part 2 in Sept.-Oct.] is the best I’ve ever read after the Bible! I became a child of God many years ago; I was an only child and never married. But I’m not alone! Jesus is always with me and next to the Bible, your story was the best I have ever heard or read. May God bless you and keep you and your family. I am looking forward to the next issue.

From the Internet


Appreciation for Beyond Today magazine

Thank you very much for your Beyond Today magazine. Please continue to send it to me. It is a fantastic read and very eye-opening. I have enclosed a donation towards your work.

Subscriber in Northern Ireland 

I want to thank you for helping me (a sinner) to find the truth of God’s Word and meaning. I never read, studied, believed in or cared to learn about God before I found you. Now I can’t get enough of the Word of God. Thank you for explaining it so clearly.

From the Internet


Beyond Today helps those who are incarcerated

Aloha, I wanted to express my gratitude to your ministry for your faithful giving to the Halawa Prison Chapel, which operates on donations. Your magazines are popular and sought-after by our brothers here at Halawa. Our men grow in the Word thanks to inspirational messages and current event updates provided by your magazine.

I pray God continues to bless your ministry with abundant favor throughout the rest of the year. Once again, thank you for all your support to this prison community that lives on the provisions of God, which we receive from you to help equip these men in living a life pleasing to our Lord and Savior.

Reader in Hawaii

Thank you for your magazine. It has answered many of the questions I have had over the years. I am in a prison and your magazine gets passed around between several inmates. We then sit in a day room and hold our own little Bible Study to talk about the topics you write about. Thanks to all your supporters who make it possible to send your magazine and materials to us, who have no ability to pay for them at the present time. God blesses those who walk in such a benevolent ministry.

Incarcerated reader

I learned of your publication recently and would be very grateful to receive a subscription. I will share this magazine with others here. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity in this matter.

Incarcerated reader in Texas


Responses to other United Church of God Bible resources

A special thank you for your 12-lesson Bible Study Course. I plan to study it again—there’s so much information and I’m sure I’ll learn more the second time around.

Reader in Canada

We’re glad you found value in our Bible Study Course! For any other readers interested in the course, which helps build a comprehensive picture of how to understand the Bible and what it’s all about, head over to There you can study lessons online or request printed copies to be mailed to you.  


I enjoy your Beyond Today TV program each week. I try not to miss it, as your presenters explain each verse, which is so helpful. I mentioned it to my friends and they are enjoying it also. I read the July-August issue. I enjoyed the article titled “Faith: The Indispensable Spiritual Quality.” I choose to live by faith!

Subscriber and viewer in Canada

To the United Church of God: Your teachings are amazing! I have never experienced true Bible study and teaching solely from the Bible. I have read the Bible for many years and have never been taught the truth the way you teach it. Now I have to erase everything from my mind which I have learned from other teachings of those claiming to be preachers of Jesus. My greatest desire is to repent and be baptized and give my life to God. May God bless you!

From the Internet

We trust that you will appreciate reading this issue, which focuses on how Satan has managed to spread his deceptions far and wide—including in religion and churches!


I have just started being interested in Beyond Today. I wanted to view on the TV channels and signed into something called Roku. I don’t understand as I only want to watch your program. Can you advise me please?

From the Internet

Thank you for your interest! Yes, you can watch Beyond Today TV using a Roku set-top device plugged into your television, or by purchasing an actual Roku TV. A Beyond Today app is available on Roku where you can watch all of our television content. You can also view an archive of all our programs online at

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