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January—February 2013

As the American president takes his oath of office with his hand on the Bible, proclaiming to faithfully fulfill his responsibilities "so help me God," should we not take into consideration how God views the "state of the union" of the United States?

Where Does America Go From Here?

As the American president takes his oath of office with his hand on the Bible, proclaiming to faithfully fulfill his responsibilities "so help me God," should we not take into consideration how God views the "state of the union" of the United States?

Signs of the Times

Could disbelief and lack of spiritual understanding leave us blind to dangers that should be obvious?

Will America Cease to Lead the World?

From the time of its founding, this unique nation sought to base its future success on the efforts of free individuals, not on class distinctions and hereditary status. America became undisputed world leader because it was set apart not only by the Declaration of Independence, but by its destiny set forth in the Bible. Why, then, is America gradually forfeiting world leadership?

Duality in Bible Prophecy

Prophetic statements sometimes apply to more than one fulfillment, a principle called duality. A prime example of duality is Christ's first coming to atone for our sins and His second coming to rule on earth as King of Kings.

What Could America and Britain Learn From Rome's Fall?

The fall of Rome is one of the most important and world-shaping events in history. But it provides more than an interesting study of the past. It also holds many important lessons for the Western world today.

Is America Identified in Bible Prophecy?

The Bible identifies a number of nations that are relatively minor players on the world scene. Does it make sense that the most powerful nation in the world would go unnoticed and unmentioned in Bible prophecy? Can we know America's identity in Bible prophecy?

The Colonial View of America as a New Israel

Did any of America's early settlers consider themselves to be God's covenant people?

Hurricane Sandy, the Bible and You

Hurricane Katrina was the most costly natural disaster the United States had ever experienced. Yet in some respects Hurricane Sandy had an even greater impact. Why is America experiencing major national catastrophes, whether from nature or inflicted by enemies, such as the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001? Does the Bible provide answers?

When Will America Run Out of Resources?

Even before Hurricane Sandy the United States was already suffering from an enormous national debt crises, measured in the trillions of dollars. Sandy adds another $50 billion to the frightening total.

A Crucial Biblical Question for the President (and You)

Given the opportunity, what would you ask your country's leader as he starts a new term in office? How would his answer stack up against the Bible, and does it matter?

Are You Pressing the Spiritual Snooze Button?

What does your to-do list look like? Is it full of tasks, chores and other physical worries? Where does your spiritual life fit in? Stop hitting the snooze button for your spiritual growth!

Lincoln's Qualities of Leadership

A major new movie examines the life and accomplishments of President Abraham Lincoln. What was it that made him an effective and inspirational leader?

The Art of Appreciation: The Bucket Fillers

Each of us has a figurative "bucket" waiting to be filled. How can you fill your own and others'?

Follow Me... Two Questions for a Disciple

Jesus of Nazareth asked two key questions of His disciple Peter—questions that each of us also must ultimately answer.

Lessons from the Parables: Hope and Restoration—the Story of the Prodigal Son

What can we learn from Jesus Christ's parable of the prodigal son? In a world of broken relationships, it teaches us a lesson of deep love and hope.

God, Science and the Bible: Does Life Exist Somewhere Out There?

For years people have wondered: Are we alone in the universe? Do other life forms exist out there? Will we ever find them?

Bible Mini-Study: Train Now to Help Jesus Christ Rule

Jesus Christ is coming back to earth as King of the Kingdom of God to save the human race from destroying itself. How will the rebellious and traumatized citizens of this world become the peaceful subjects of God's Kingdom? Who will help serve and teach the people? What does the Bible say about the citizens of the Kingdom of God?

Current Event & Trends: Outlook for the year ahead

What will the year 2013 bring mankind? Present trends indicate that we may be locked into a period of prolonged uncertainty, along with increasing social unrest and intensified conflicts.

Current Event & Trends: Political disappointment and division

What's wrong with our leadership? Is increasing political divide leading to national fragmentation and possible breakup?

Current Event & Trends: Severe economic uncertainty and anxiety

In another Financial Times article a year ago, Gideon Rachman predicted: "Efforts to rescue the world economy in 2012 will be afflicted by a perilous political paradox. The more that international co-operation is needed, the harder it will be to achieve" ("The Big Questions for 2012," Jan. 2, 2012). Again, this prophecy could easily extend into 2013 and well beyond.

Current Event & Trends: Germany pushes on while France threatens the euro

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany continues to be the West's most successful political leader. John Peet, The Economist's European editor, reported that "in Europe it will be Germany that calls the tune" ("Wait for Angela," The World in 2013).

Current Event & Trends: Israel's encirclement crisis continues

End-time prophecy focuses primarily on two regions of the globe—Europe and the Middle East. European leaders are certainly dogged by many knotty difficulties at present, but the Middle East has been beset by one major crisis after another recently—some occurring simultaneously.

Current Event & Trends: Christendom losing ground

After Christ returns, people everywhere will learn and follow true religion—leading at last to world peace. But today religion seriously divides the planet. And whatever goes by the name of Christianity continues to be relentlessly persecuted in many parts of the world—especially in some Middle Eastern countries and particularly in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Questions and Answers: Who Would Jesus Christ Choose to Be a World Leader?

When one reads Colossians 1:15-16, Romans 13:1-7, 1 Peter 2:13-14 and Daniel 2:21; Daniel 4:17, I have to conclude that God sets up all world rulers. How do you square that circle?

Letters from Our Readers - January/February 2013

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