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July—August 1998

This issue of The Good News begins a series on creation and evolution. Did God form the heavens and earth, or is the world and everything in it the result of mindless, random evolutionary forces?

Creation or Evolution: Did God Create Man?

This issue of The Good News begins a series on creation and evolution. Did God form the heavens and earth, or is the world and everything in it the result of mindless, random evolutionary forces?

Evolution or Creation: Does It Really Matter?

What difference does it make whether we believe in creation or evolution?

Ancient Near-Eastern Concepts of Creation

At the beginning of recorded history, some 5,000 years ago, the Sumerians of Mesopotamia left accounts of their creation myths inscribed on cuneiform tablets.

The Testimony of the New Testament

Many passages show us that Jesus Christ and the apostles fully accepted the Genesis account of the creation.

The Greek Concept of Creation

The ancient Greeks had no shortage of creation myths, with many elements taken from the Babylonian model.

Ussher's Erroneous Interpretation of Genesis

One of several controversies that broke out between the scientific community and the Roman church concerned the age of the earth.

Creation and Evolution: An Interview With Phillip Johnson

Law professor Phillip Johnson has examined the evidence for and against evolution in three books, including Darwin on Trial. He discusses the theory's underlying flaws and the impact on society of accepting evolution.

Depression: Ways to Win the Battle

How widespread is depression? What are its causes? Most important, what are the weapons in the struggle against depression?

Seeking Help From God

God—along with His inspired Word, the Bible—is the most powerful resource for combating depression. The Bible provides enlightenment and encouragement—tremendous help in depressing situations. Here are some examples.

Is It Depression or Only the Blues?

Sometimes we're sad. Oftentimes when we're less than buoyant we say we're "depressed." But real depression—clinical depression—is more than just being sad or not quite buoyant.

Godly People Can Also Suffer From Depression

Some have imagined that depression is always the result of some sin, of a moral weakness. Although sin can cause depression, it is not true that sin is behind all bouts of depression.

Helping Your Children Cope in Family Crises

Unexpected traumas, difficulties and setbacks are always hard on families. Adults, however, are usually better equipped to cope and move forward. What can families do to help younger children during times of uncertainty?

Profiles of Faith: Jeroboam - King of the Northern Ten Tribes

Many in the mainstream Christian world have not learned this vital lesson from the life of King Jeroboam. The practices he set in motion-substituting his own days, methods and kinds of worship for those God commanded—have continued down to this day.

Seeds of Separation

For numerous reasons the roots of Israel's disunity go as far back as Egypt. God knew from the beginning that good intentions don't always produce good actions.

A Future Reunion for Israel and Judah

However tragic separation may be, God includes within His masterful design a plan to redeem Israel and humankind, to eventually bring them together with God and each other.

Tips Toward a Truce

What can you do when your siblings are speaking to you? Here are some tips to resolve the problem.

World News and Trends- Drug addiction: An enormous global industry

According to a recent UN report, the illegal-drug industry generates $400 billion to $1 trillion in revenues and accounts for 8 percent of global trade-an industry larger than sales of iron or steel and almost as great as oil and gasoline or textiles.

World News and Trends: Taking stock of Britain

Last year, 1997, brought a sharp change of focus to the British Isles.

World News and Trends: The millennium bug and the year 2,000

At the close of the 20th century, people are beset by so many threats that it's hard to keep up with them. Not least of the problems is all the fuss emanating from the calendar date itself-the beginning of the year 2,000.

World News and Trends- Coming soon: a common European currency

If Jan. 1, 2000, promises to be one of the pivotal dates in history, Jan. 1, 1999, is probably no less important to the European Continent.

The Bible and Archaeology: The Early Kings of Israel - A Kingdom Divided

This series in The Good News will continue covering archaeological discoveries relating to the later kings of the house of Israel. It is astonishing how much evidence supporting the biblical record has been uncovered by the spade of diligent archaeologists.

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