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July—August 2013

The institution of marriage has never been more under attack. About half of all newly married couples end up in divorce. Are there keys that can open the door to a happy or happier marriage?

Marriage: What's the Point?

Why is marriage so important? Unlike other relationships, it is one that God Himself created when He joined together the first human beings, Adam and Eve.

5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

The institution of marriage has never been more under attack. About half of all newly married couples end up in divorce. Are there keys that can open the door to a happy or happier marriage?

The Ultimate Purpose of Marriage

Our current age of instant gratification can wreck a marriage. Marriage was designed with a great purpose and goal. Knowing the ultimate purpose for marriage can help you change your marriage for now and forever.

What About Divorce?

The prophet Malachi prophesied against modern societies that would exist shortly before the return of Jesus Christ. Speaking through him, God expressed his view of the modern miscarriage of marriage.

The Boston Marathon Bombing Opens a Window on All Time

The cold-blooded attack on innocent bystanders at the Boston Marathon didn't come out of nowhere. It's one of many tragedies that should give us pause and cause us to contemplate several lessons about life.

"Parent One" and "Parent Two": The Unraveling of the Traditional Family

A war is under way against marriage and family. Who is behind it? How is the battle being waged? What are the stakes? And who will ultimately win?

Mapping the Brain: The Missing Dimension

U.S. President Barack Obama recently announced plans to spend millions on mapping the human brain—labeled "the next great American project"—perhaps on a par with going to the moon. But is there a largely unrealized component residing in the brain itself that cannot be studied or mapped by neuroscientists? What does the Bible reveal about the mystery of the human mind?

The Spirit in Man Is Not an Immortal Soul

The spirit in man is not animate of itself. It is not a spirit entity that consciously lives on when we die.

Ground Zero Jerusalem

The conflict between Israelis and Arabs is profoundly affecting your daily life. As world history heads towards a crisis point at Ground Zero Jerusalem, what should our focus be?

Here's How You Can Be Part of the Greatest Adventure

What motivates you? Does the opportunity for adventure excite you? If so, coming soon is an adventure you won't want to miss. It will pale into insignificance every past exploit or achievement and will completely surpass anything you have ever imagined!

What Did God Plan "Before Time Began"?

It's difficult for us to comprehend the concept of "before time began," much less what took place then. But Scripture reveals that God laid out His amazing purpose and plan for mankind before time began!

How Can I Find It Easier to Pray?

Do you have difficulty finding motivation to pray? Do you find it hard to communicate with God? Consider this simple solution to enriching your prayer life!

Lessons from the Parables: Selling All for the Kingdom of God

Those things that are true and right are not purchased at any price. In fact, they have no material value. But that which is most valuable in this life requires that we be willing to give up everything in exchange for it. Most find this very difficult, if not impossible.

Follow Me... "Be of Good Cheer!"

Everyone needs encouragement. Are we following Christ's example in giving this precious gift?

God, Science and the Bible: More to Consider About the Ant

Consider the ant, Solomon urged, and learn wisdom from her ways (Proverbs 6:6).

Mini-Bible Study: What Is God's Will for You?

Every day we have to make decisions. Many of them we make without thinking. But some are big decisions in life that might make us stop and wonder: What does God want me to do here? Is there a way to understand what God's will is and how we can accomplish it?

Stacking the Ultimate Relationship

Puzzled about relationships, love and marriage? For keys to understanding, take a new look at a child's favorite toy!

Current Events & Trends: Syria's civil war spills over its borders

Successful containment of any major difficulty normally means a much better chance of concluding it.

Current Events & Trends: Israel seriously impacted

It is time to remind ourselves of just who remains ultimately in control over all these frightening world events.

Current Events & Trends: Jihadist rhetoric and reality

As this report indicates, Western nations accept immigrants who can turn against them.

Current Events & Trends: In danger: the status of the U.S. dollar

The American dollar has long reigned as easily the largest percentage of the global currency supply.

Current Events & Trends: Nation-states struggle with immigration

Week-long nighttime rioting in Stockholm, Sweden, and a surrounding suburb plunged Scandinavia into the chaotic social unrest that has already afflicted a number of other European regions, including France and Greece.

Questions and Answers: Is tithing really a part of New Testament teaching?

Jesus Christ Himself upheld the practice of tithing in the New Testament.

Current Events & Trends: Christianity on the wane in America

Whatever the direction of the nation as a whole, you individually can live a lawful life filled with hope.

Letters from Our Readers - July/August 2013

Readers of the Good News share their thoughts in the July/August 2013 issue.

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