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March—April 1999

A decades-long struggle brought freedom for slaves in America. But the struggle for freedom from slavery is not over.

Freedom: The Unfinished Struggle

A decades-long struggle brought freedom for slaves in America. But the struggle for freedom from slavery is not over.

The Eternal Quest for Freedom

Although Egypt has changed in many ways, it is sobering to realize that human nature and the human condition haven't changed that much.

Mankind's Choice: Freedom or Slavery?

Captivity begins with human choice, spirit and character. Discover how we can be freed from spiritual slavery.

Captivity to Modern Curses

Our world's astounding technical and scientific progress, coupled with spreading global prosperity over recent decades, masks enormous suffering in the world. Today's mixture of burgeoning progress and explosive suffering is as deceptive to humanity as it was to the ancient Egyptians.

The Euro and War

Could Europe's new currency unit, the Euro, and the economic union behind it have unexpected and dangerous side effects? Could they even cause war?

The Euro: Crucial Step for a Future Superpower?

In January, 11 nations launched the euro, the new European currency. What does this crucial event mean for the rest of the world?

Forgive, and You Shall Be Forgiven

How can we remove the pain, hurt and guilt of broken relationships? How can we put forgiveness into practice?

The Papacy: Growing Role in the Coming Years?

The latest trip by John Paul II to the Americas underscores the popularity of an aging yet dynamic religious figure.

Today's Family: Is Obeying God Worth it?

Does it matter whether we take God and His Instructions seriously?

The Bible and Archaeology: The Kingdom of Judah—Exile and Restoration

In this issue we pick up the story with conditions and circumstances that allowed the descendants of the Kingdom of Judah to return to their homeland.

World News and Trends- 1998: The world's most disastrous year

Last year was the most naturally disastrous on record, with extensive natural catastrophes occurring three times as often as in the 1960s, according to the reinsurance company Munich Re.

Profiles of Faith: Ezra - Spiritually Restoring a People

Ezra the priest was a faithful servant of God who helped fulfill God's promises to the remnant of Judah in Babylon in the 400s B.C. His calling was not self-appointed, nor could anyone on his own fulfill the kind of responsibilities to which he was called.

Judah's return to Jerusalem

Decades after the Jews went into captivity in Babylon, King Cyrus of Persia made a decree (ca. 538 B.C.) that the Jews in Babylon could return to Jerusalem.

World News and Trends: More British and American unmarried couples

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that four million American households consist of unmarried couples living together.

World News and Trends: Killer germs for sale

A team of reporters for the respected Sunday Times has uncovered laboratories around the world willing to sell or export lethal biological agents capable of killing thousands of people—in one case for as little as $1,000.

World News and Trends: Growing German power and influence

"The ambition of the Germans knows no bounds."

Does Character Matter?

In a world in which most people take the easy way out, is it worthwhile to do things differently?

World News and Trends: Leaders forsake the arms race

For decades many nations have spent billions of dollars on bigger and better guns, tanks and military aircraft in a constantly escalating arms race.

World News and Trends: Nordic nations least corrupt

Berlin-based Transparency International reports that the 1998 "Corruption Perceptions Index" indicated Denmark, Sweden and Finland were the least-corrupt nations.

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