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May—June 2014

It's the great question: If you die, will you live again? You need to settle the question in your mind. And you can! Learn the good news from the Bible that answers this question!

If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?

It's the great question: If you die, will you live again? You need to settle the question in your mind. And you can! Learn the good news from the Bible that answers this question!

A Race Well Run

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. And now the prize awaits me—the crown of righteousness..."

When "Goodbye" Comes Too Suddenly

Take the opportunity now to tell the ones you care about that you love them.

Will I Go to Heaven When I Die?

The idea of going consciously to heaven at death seems comforting. But does that make it true? The Bible's answer may astonish you!

Is Hell Real?

For Christians who believe in a God of love, the concept of an ongoing hell can be disturbing and difficult to understand. What the Bible truly teaches about hell may surprise you!

A Trip to Hell and Back

Do you know the truth about "hell" as described in the Bible? Come along on a journey with someone who's been there and returned!

70 Years After D-Day: From Power to Impotence

Seventy years ago, an American-led Allied invasion on the beaches of Normandy marked the beginning of the end of the grip of tyranny over Europe. In little more than a year, the United States would emerge as a superpower and world policeman. Contrast that to today, when that superpower is in retreat—its influence and power rapidly declining.

Searching for Eden in the Middle East

Why do nations and peoples collide in the Middle East? Why is the home to the long-ago Garden of Eden today the home to so much sorrow and suffering? Will the region ever resemble Eden again? The surprising answer is yes!

Noah: The Rest of the Story

The recent movie Noah presents a horribly distorted view of one of the Bible's great heroes of faith. What's the true story that you may have never heard or considered? Let's look at seven little-known facts about Noah that can change our lives for good!

Pentecost: The Power of God in Our Lives

Are you stuck in the rut of this world? Jesus Christ offers you spiritual power that can transform your life.

How Can God's Spirit Transform Us?

We will never make it spiritually on our own. We need God's help through His Spirit to succeed. The Bible presents several analogies to help us see how His Holy Spirit is used in our lives.

Follow Me... Hope Beyond the Moment

In helping others to trust in God despite their past, it's important to recall where God found us and maintain a humble spirit.

Lessons From the Parables: Lazarus and the Rich Man: Attitudes and Consequences

What is your attitude toward wealth and possessions? Through one of His parables, Jesus Christ showed that our attitudes toward such things can have eternal consequences.

Teen vs. Parents: Who Wins?

A tragic court case brings home the ugly reality of some dysfunctional family relationships. What is God's solution?

Current Events & Trends: A prayer for Jerusalem is a prayer for world peace

On March 23, 2014, thousands of Palestinians marched to show support for Hamas leadership. This is a boon for the self-stated cause of Hamas—to destroy the state of Israel. Hamas, which governs the Arab residents of the Gaza Strip, has close ties to violent terrorist organizations of the region.

Current Events & Trends: Rewriting history

A recent article in the Financial Times reported: "In January Vladimir Putin presided over a meeting designed to produce a new standardised history book for use in schools.

Current Events & Trends: Ukraine: Feeble U.S. Stand Allows Russian Imperialism

The United States increasingly appears impotent to affect policy and outcomes in other nations, even when national interests are at stake.

Current Events & Trends: Scarcity drives Nigerian gunmen to murderous raids on local villages

On March 16, 2014, gunmen on motorcycles raided at least four Nigerian villages. They opened fire on residents and burned homes to the ground.

Current Events & Trends: Australia concerned about land purchases

Some officials in Australia are voicing concerns over the large amount of Australian land being bought up by Chinese investors.

Current Events & Trends: Smoking rates higher among poorer people

Why do poorer people smoke at higher rates than wealthy people? It may be that smoking gives some pleasure and meaning to an otherwise average life. Or in the end it may be no more than that they're just bored.

Questions and Answers: The "Blood Moon" Eclipses

While there are many signs that we are in the last days leading up to Jesus Christ's return, this does not appear to be one of them.

Letters From Our Readers - May/June 2014

Readers of the Good News share their thoughts in the May/June 2014 issue.

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