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November—December 2011

Few see how the world is shaping up for the fulfillment of major prophecies about the time before the return of the King of Kings. Read this issue to understand how our world is being transformed as foretold in the pages of your Bible many centuries ago!

America's Debt Debacle

The recent debate over raising the U.S. debt limit showed a national leadership bitterly divided over the country's priorities and how to address its debt explosion. What are the larger implications of this debacle?

A Nation Lost and Adrift

America is simply proving again a great truth - that we ultimately reap what we have sown.

Europe's Troubles: Setting the Stage for Prophecy's Fulfillment

In 1933 Winston Churchill chillingly warned, "No one can watch the events which are taking place in Germany without increasing anxiety about what their outcome will be." With an economic crisis now plaguing the eurozone, will Berlin's troubled history repeat itself? What is Germany's destiny? Does Bible prophecy give us any indication of where events in Europe are leading?

Will the Euro Collapse?"

Some great factor - quite possibly the economic crisis that is increasingly shaping up in Europe - will force the transformation of the European Union into a new, more tightly integrated and powerful alliance.

European and American Debt: No Easy Way Out

The huge debt problems in Europe and the Unites States are creating enormous problems on the world geopolitical scene.

Israel: Growing Danger on Every Side

One of the smallest democracies in the world faces increased hostility from its neighbors—and even from its democratic friends in the West.

The World's Financial Turmoil: What Are the Root Causes?

Nothing has dominated the news over the last few years like the economic crises still battering many nations. What, fundamentally, is the problem? Let's examine some financial basics from a biblical perspective.

Do You Know the Surprising Origins of the Christmas Holiday?

Many people know the Bible doesn't mention Christ's followers observing Christmas. So where did the holiday come from, and does the Bible condone it? Does it make any difference as long as it's intended to honor God and bring families together?

What Are the Origins of Common Christmas Symbols?

The following is from The Trouble With Christmas by Tom Flynn (1993, pp. 19, 37-40, emphasis in original):

What Is Your Safest Investment?

Families have been hit hard in the recent economic downturn. Personal incomes have sunk for some, and home values and retirement funds have plunged for many. Where can you find a truly safe investment?

Do We Need a Spiritual Revival?

Some believe a call for nationwide prayer and fasting, as recently issued by Texas Governor Rick Perry, would ignite religious revival and save America from impending doom. Would religious renewal help solve national problems? Just what kind of revival is needed?

Is God-Intended Communication Disappearing?

If God wanted you to constantly use a cell phone, He would have had you born with one glued to your ear. If He wanted you to be on Twitter all the time, He would have "tweeted" you by now. Is our electronic media producing what God intended for communication, or not?

World News & Trends: Iran's nuclear ambitions continue unabated

The media world provides us with many distractions that continually avert our eyes from seeing occurrences essential to eventually fulfilling Bible prophecy.

World News and Trends: Koran contest kids get guns, grenades

For the last three years a Somali radio station run by the al-Shabab militant Islamist group has held a knowledge and Koran-reciting contest for children ages 10 to 17 during the month of Ramadan.

World News and Trends: The Palestinian people: poorly prepared for statehood

In spite of its UN bid for statehood, the Palestinian Authority (PA) remains thoroughly corrupt and dysfunctional.

World News and Trends: Radical Muslim minorities in America

The vast majority of American Muslims are loyal citizens.

World News and Trends: Religious freedom on the wane worldwide

A new report by Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life has revealed a disturbing pattern:

World News & Trends: Who owns Jerusalem?

Many citizens of Western European nations, Britain and to some extent even the United States feel that the claims of Israel and the counterclaims of Palestinians to ownership of Jerusalem are virtually equal in nature.

World News and Trends: Shameful prostitution forecast at national conventions

The gradual abandonment of traditional marriage for a whole host of ultimately destructive alternative lifestyles remains at the root of the decline in national morality.

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