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September—October 2013

Much of the Bible is prophecy. Many of its books are prophetic, even some of those we don't normally associate with prophecy. Many of God's greatest servants, including Jesus Christ, were prophets. So what does God want us to learn from prophecy?

God's Purpose for Prophecy

Much of the Bible is prophecy. Many of its books are prophetic, even some of those we don't normally associate with prophecy. Many of God's greatest servants, including Jesus Christ, were prophets. So what does God want us to learn from prophecy?

How Will Prophecy Impact You?

In my travels I've seen too much compelling evidence for prophecy's dead-on accuracy to ignore its truthfulness and crucial message for our times.

What Are Some of the Bible's Major Fulfilled Prophecies?

The Bible contains hundreds of fulfilled prophecies. Here is a list of some of the biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled historically.

How Are We to Prepare for Momentous End-Time Events?

God's Word contains many prophecies about dangerous and deadly events that will devastate the world in the days leading up the return of Jesus Christ. It also has words of serious warning to those who believe God and have ears to hear. Notice what God tells us to do, considering the seriousness of the times in which we live.

Two Seconds After: What Will You Do When Crisis Overtakes the World?

In a time of great crisis, what will you take with you? If you're not already preparing, the one thing that will be most valuable won't be available.

The Bible's Prophetic Festivals: Revealing God's Plan of Salvation

God gave seven annual festivals that present the work of Jesus Christ in saving humanity. It's vital that all of us learn of them and what they teach.

The Exciting Feast of Trumpets

The Feast of Trumpets, one of the Holy Days of the Bible, pictures future times of both sadness and gladness—essential steps leading to the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth!

The Next Age of Man: What Will It Be Like?

The next age is just around the corner, but the vast majority of people have never heard of it. And most who have heard of it don't really understand what it entails.

72 Hours to Chaos

What do times of disaster teach us about ourselves and society? Is our moral center what it ought to be?

What Is Germany's Destiny?

Should other European countries always fear Berlin? Are there historic and prophetic reasons for concern about Germany's overall direction?

Are You Just Following the Crowd?

Why do you believe and think the way you do? Years ago I was confronted by this question when it came to religion. What I discovered led me to another momentous question: Would I change the spiritual course of my life or continue following the crowd?

Lessons From the Parables: Matthew 22 - The Invitation to the Wedding Feast

One of Jesus Christ's parables shows that it's crucially important for us to be wearing the right kind of garments—but what does that mean?

Follow Me... Handwriting for the Ages

We must not condemn others when we stand guilty ourselves. Cry out for mercy - and be merciful.

Mini-Bible Study: How Does God Identify Himself?

People wonder and speculate about God but often neglect to go directly to Him and let Him introduce Himself! God reveals Himself through two great methods.

Current Events & Trends: Disappointment and disorder: the Middle East a prime example

End-time events continue to escalate. The trends of our time regress steadily from bad to worse. Yet another decade of pronounced world disorder seems inevitable.

Current Events & Trends: Revisiting the Iranian nuclear threat

Will a surprising turn in Tehran, bringing an ostensibly more moderate president to the fore, slow down Iran's march to possess a nuclear bomb?

Current Events & Trends: Japan: a determined military revival

As one soldier put it: "For Japan to remain an independent country, defense is indispensable . . . I would like to be the shield to protect Japanese people" (quoted in "As Tensions Rise, Pacifist Japan Marches Into a Military Revival," The Wall Street Journal, July 18, 2013).

Current Events & Trends: The royal family today and tomorrow

The world is abuzz about the newborn son of Britain's Prince William and Duchess Kate—George Alexander Louis or Prince George of Cambridge, third in line to the British throne after Prince Charles and Prince William. His birth on July 22, 2013, dominated the media and captured the world's attention.

Current Events & Trends: Detroit: only one of America's debt-ridden cities

The financial demise of Detroit proved no surprise to those watching the news on a regular basis.

Current Events & Trends: Christians shifting on illicit lifestyles

Western nations have witnessed a pronounced shift to acceptance of same-sex marriage as a legitimate lifestyle. This has been coming for a while. As nations changed their laws to legalize homosexual behavior, what has followed became inevitable.

Letter From Our Readers - September/October 2013

Readers of the Good News share their thoughts in the September/October 2013 issue.

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