World News and Trends: Anglo-American Marriage Trends

by John Ross Schroeder, Scott Ashley Estimated reading time: 1 minutes. Posted on 15-Aug-1999
According to the latest issue of British Population Trends, married couples will constitute a minority of the population before 2010.

In the other direction, the rate of growth in cohabitation and illegitimate children is enormous.

Most Western governments have knowingly or unknowingly undermined the divine institution of marriage. Over the last 50 years their laws and policies have weakened nuptial bonds. While paying lip service to marriage, their philosophy has conceived the legal loopholes that have made divorce far easier and tax policies that penalize married couples.

Consider the words of Jack Straw, Britain’s home secretary: “While marriages should be supported and strengthened, there are other kinds of families, including single-parent families, that do equally well for children.” Do they? Juvenile-crime statistics show otherwise.

Wrote journalist Cheryl Wetzstein of The Washington Times: “Marriage in America has gone from better to worse, with fewer couples marrying and fewer still saying their lives together are wedded bliss, according to a report released on July 1 . . . As marriage has faltered, rates of divorce, cohabitation and bearing children out of wedlock have soared to record levels.” (Sources: Financial Times; Daily Mail [London]; Washington Times.)

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